Welcome to IRetailCheck®

iRetailCheck® is based on state of the art cognitive video AI technology which enables real time monitoring of your retail store. Already more than 500 checkouts are installed with one of our monitoring solutions which represents more than 30.000.000 performed analytics.

What we Offer?

The iRetailCheck team brings together highly experienced professionals in the areas of video and image content analysis, Deep Learning and Machine Learning with a highly innovative approach.

Easy to Implement

Our AI Video Software is integrated in SmartCameras.

Multi AI Profilers

Several AI Video Solutions can be imported into one SmartCamera.

Real Time Alerts

All our solutions have Real Time Analysis & Alerts which can be pushed to any device.

Our AI Video Solutions

iRetailCheck is a Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Video Software Solution that prevents theft of goods and increases efficiency of staff. More than 30 million scans are already been done by our AI Video Solutions.

What People Say

An excellent system that delivers its efficiency in a very short time!


"Despite all the measures we had already taken at the checkout, we are still confronted with a large number of crates of beer and other products that left the shop unpaid via the shopping trolley every month," says the entrepreneur. After the CaddyCheck® system was operational, we found that the number of crates of beer missing was virtually zero. The cashiers are clearly warned if there is anything left on the carrier.

G. Knikker - Plus Supermarkt Elburg