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We know Visual AI.

Staffed Checkouts - Fact: More than 70% of cashiers don´t control shopping carts for unpaid items at the checkout.

Self-Checkout  - Fact: At least 1 in 3 customers don’t scan all of their purchases at self-checkout.

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We know Visual AI.

iRetailCheck develops AI Video Analytics that automate loss prevention surveillance tasks at Staffed Checkouts, Self- Checkouts and Store Entrances for supermarkets and hypermarkets with solutions that were born of retail necessity and demand. Our solutions are designed to assist staff, alerting them to customer errors that can easily be remedied before payment at the Point of Sale. iRetailCheck solutions have been shown to increase net profit for food retailers by up to 19%…
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Years of Visual AI Experience!


Cashiers don't check shopping carts

Bottom of Basket Shrink at Staffed Checkouts

CaddyCheck is an Out Of The Box AI Video Analytics solution that automatically controls 100% of shopping carts at traditional check- outs to detect items left in or under the cart basket.
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1 in 3

shoppers don't scan all items at SCO

Scan Avoidance detection at Self-Checkouts

SCO-Check detects Scan Avoidance and non- Payment events in real time at Self-Checkout. It can be used with any design of SCO terminal as a stand alone solution…
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of PushOuts go undetected

Push-Out Theft Prevention

Push-Out Check automatically detects visitors leaving through unauthorized exits with or without shopping carts or baskets. It sends alerts to any networked fixed or mobile device or alarm in real time
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If we can see it, we can monitor it


Other Visual AI Applications

iRetailCheck Visual Analytics can be applied to practically any scenario in which objects can be visually detected, counted, tracked or identified. In the case of specific requirements iRetailCheck can respond with a solution to any detailed briefing.
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Customer Transactions

Visual AI Genius
applied to Retail.

iRetailCheck solutions have their AI roots in the most demanding of environments with limited tolerance for errors. Our Cognitive Vision AI reduces the machine learning process from as many as the tens of thousands of images needed for precise real time decision making, to mere hundreds, this significantly reduces resource, time and investment requirements. To date this AI has already analysed more than 160 million real time retail customer transactions and recovered tens of millions in revenue for clients.
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Looking where you Cannot see

Checkout Visual AI
Solutions for retail

Robust, Scalable, Easy to Install and Maintain

The robust design of our Deep Learning Video Software is scalable across entire estates and compatible with IP CCTV cameras from every major brand. manufacturers.

Real Time Alerts

All our Checkout Visual AI Video Analytics deliver real time alerts to any networked fixed or mobile device as well as automatic incident and compliance performance reporting and dashboard indicators.

Multiclass Processing

Thanks to Multiclass processing, the capabilities of a single IP Camera can be expanded to support multiple Visual AI options with system wide visibility that includes remote calibration, diagnostics and proactive maintenance.

Why iRetailCheck?

Our Visual AI solutions are built on nearly 20 years of real world AI Video Analytics experience developed in sectors as diverse and demanding as Aerospace, Defense, Healthcare & Agriculture. This experience has enabled highly accurate real time solutions for retail that boost profitability and productivity, freeing staff to focus on improving the customer shopping experience.

What Retailers Say

An excellent system that delivers its efficiency in a very short time!
    “Despite all the measures we had already taken at the checkout, we were still confronted with a large number of crates of beer and other products that left the shop unpaid via the shopping trolley every month,” says the entrepreneur. After the CaddyCheck® system was operational, we found that the number of crates of beer missing was virtually zero. The cashiers are clearly warned if there is anything left on the shopping cart when it passes the checkout
    G. Knikker - Plus Supermarkt Elburg

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