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Theft in shopping carts is the biggest source
of losses at staffed checkouts.

- Loss Prevention Director French Supermarket & Hypermarket Retailer

Shoplifting occurs when a customer exits a store with more than what they paid for at the checkout.
Unpaid items left in shopping carts can represent significant, avoidable, losses. Theft in shopping carts is the biggest source of losses at staffed checkouts.

  • Been installed in over 150 supermarkets (over 1000 checkouts)
  • Analysed > 450M customer transactions in real time
  • Recovered over €80M in sales for clients
  • Boosts client Net Profit by up to 19%
CaddyCheck is an Out Of The Box AI Video Analytics solution that automatically controls 100% of shopping carts at traditional checkouts to detect items left in or under the cart basket.

Why use CaddyCheck?

Even before COVID-19, most cashiers simply didn’t check shopp- ing cart contents for unpaid items. Since then, social distancing and physical barriers have only made matters worse. Customers and staff at the checkout are frequently pressured for time. This can lead to genuine oversight and forgetfulness, as well as enabling deliberate theft. Whatever the reason, with average unpaid cart contents estimated at €13, the losses soon add up when items go unpaid. Bottom of Basket, or “BoB” theft, is, by its very nature one of the simplest and lowest risk forms of shoplifting. If detected, the customer often typically excuses themselves for “forgetting” about the 24 pack(s) of beer, or the pack(s) of 2 litre soft drinks…
Many of these items, especially multi-pack presentations, are invisible to EAS systems since they’re usually not tagged or secu- red electronically given their perception of being low risk. Unlike shoplifting, BOB theft is seldom prosecuted. CaddyCheck® is the ideal solution to recover these otherwise lost sales. The cashier is notified by a buzzer and an image on screen before the customer makes payment. This prompts staff to give a simple reminder to the customer about their “forgotten” items in or under the cart.

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Why is CaddyCheck necessary?

  • Up to 1 in 4 shoppers leave unpaid items in the shopping cart when passing the checkout
  • +70% of cashiers do not check shopping carts for unpaid items
  • “Forgotten items in shopping carts” is today recognized as the biggest source of losses at staffed checkouts in food retail

What does CaddyCheck do?

  • Automates the cart control process
  • Instantly notifies staff when items are in or under the shopping cart
  • Advises management when staff don’t follow correct process at the checkout
  • Ignores empty carts for improved staff compliance and efficiency
  • Detects everything from milk, soft drinks, diapers, detergents, etc. in single and multi-pack formats formats
  • SaaS ROI is typically in the first week. CAPEX ROI is less than 12 months

CaddyCheck Benefits

  • Automatic monitoring of every shopping cart passing through the checkout for “forgotten” purchases left in or under the cart.
  • Cashiers are only prompted to act when necessary. Empty carts are ignored to improve productivity.
  • Enables recovery of typically “low risk” unsecured items such as beer, milk, water, soft drinks, diapers etc. that are too big to hide and rarely, if ever, tagged with EAS labels.
  • Can detect when shopping carts, trolleys or people pass through closed or unstaffed checkouts.
  • CaddyCheck® has a rapid ROI both as SaaS and CAPEX.

Pushouts: When thieves take full shopping carts out of store without paying at checkout

Push-Out Check® is a complimentary solution to CaddyCheck® that automatically monitors all unauthorised exits 24/7 (Store Entrances, Non-Purchase exit lanes) for visitors leaving with or without shopping carts, baskets, bags or boxes. Staff are notified of incidents in real time before potential thieves leave the store. Alerts can trigger any form of fixed visual or audible alarm or networked device such as cellphones, remote screen notifications, flashing lights etc.
  • A typical Pushout is valued at between €500-€1500
  • More than 30% of Pushouts go undetected, some retailers claim the number is higher than 90%
  • Even worse, up to 10% of Pushout theft events end in violence during attempts to recover goods outside the store
  • Push-Out Check automatically detects these events and gives an alarm before thieves leave the store

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