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iRetailCheck develops Visual AI Analytics that automate loss prevention surveillance tasks at Staffed Checkouts, Self- Checkouts and Store Exits for supermarkets and hypermarkets with solutions that were born of retail necessity and demand. Our solutions are designed to assist staff in their tasks, alerting them to customer errors that can easily be remedied before payment. iRetailCheck solutions have been shown to increase net profit for food retailers by up to 19%…
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Visual AI Solutions for Retail

The Best Visual AI Genius in Retail

iRetailCheck Checkout Visual AI uses cutting edge Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms built on 20 years of AI object detection experience in Aerospace, Satellite Imagery, Healthcare and Retail.

Designed for ease of use, scalability, low maintenance and a reduced carbon footprint, you can stop losses in their tracks and protect your business with genius Visual AI that’s built for retail.

With our solutions for the checkout and entrance zones you can rest assured that your store will be more secure than ever.

Plus, they’re easy to install so you can start protecting your store in no time at all!

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