iRetailCheck AI Solutions

Every Retailer a Cognitive Vision Solution

iRetailCheck offers demand driven tools that enable retailers to cut losses and improve net profit by automating mundane, repetitive, and often ignored surveillance tasks using AI Video Analytics to constantly sift though massive amounts of visual data in real time to generate actions that result in real world balance sheet benefits.

Our vision is to be a global reference for real time Retail AI Video Analytics.

High Performance Retail Applications

iRetailCheck brings together highly experienced professionals in the areas retail loss prevention solutions, Deep Learning and Machine Learning AI video and image content analysis, creating a highly innovative approach to automated visual problem solving. We use cutting edge Cognitive Vision based AI technology that delivers exceptional performance for application in Retail operations applications.

This in turn enables new levels of actionable insight through the deployment of commercially robust and scalable solutions across multiple systems and applications, extracting and delivering meaningful real time data for continuous operational improvement.