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Back Tray Detection

“BackTray” is a CaddyCheck® detection option that alerts checkout staff to the presence of items left on the back tray of shopping carts as they pass the checkout (crates or trays of beer, soft drinks, milk, diapers, etc.).
The iRetailCheck team is made up of highly experienced professionals in retail loss prevention and productivity as well as Video and Image data analysis, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Computer Vision that deliver a highly innovative and effective approach to problem solving when automating any visual monitoring challenge.
CaddyCheck® BackTray automatically controls every cart that passes the checkout. An instant audible and visual alarm is given when an item is present on the back tray of the cart. The cashier sees a pop-up image of the item causing the alarm on a screen that acts as a call to action.
This can include a specific message on screen when items are detected. With the attention of the cashier now firmly on the cart, it’s very difficult that goods are left unpaid. Empty shopping carts are ignored by the system to improve productivity.

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