Our Cognitive AI Video Software Solution is designed to prevent theft of goods via SCOs (Self CheckOuts). All types of SCO can utilize our solution and in many cases the solution is custom made per customer.

Why is our AI Video Software required?

  • 1 out 3 customers don’t scan all their items
  • 90%+ higher theft in stores with SCO’s installed
  • The more SCO’s in a store, the higher the theft rate
  • If 50%+ of transactions go via SCO’s, theft is 30%+ higher
  • If 7 to 10 SCO’s are in situ, then theft increase is in excess of 60%!!

Supermarkets are more and more often confronted with theft through the use of Self Chckout’s. Did you realize that 1 out of 3 customers are not scanning all their products?