Push-Outs are defined as the deliberate act of pushing a shopping cart full of unpaid merchandise out of a store through any unauthorised exit such as:

  • Closed Checkouts
  • Self-Checkouts
  • No Purchase Lanes
  • Store Entrances
  • Emergency Exits
  • Warehouse Entrances
Push-Out theft costs some chains
as much as €1 million a year

The Value of Push-Out Theft

  • Push-Out event shopping cart contents are typically valued between €500 to €1.500, each time
  • Loss prevention experts in food retail estimate that over 30% of this type of theft goes undetected by store and security staff
  • Some retailers estimate their Push-Out theft losses to be in excess of €1 million a year

Walk-Throughs at Self-Checkout

The increased use of Self-Checkout terminals has amplified the Push-Out challenge to include Walk-Throughs.

Walk-Throughs refer to visitors who take baskets, boxes, bags, and increasingly, shopping carts filled with goods, through the Self-Checkout zone without paying.

Self-Checkout zones are known to have low staffing levels and little or no security or surveillance making them easier target zones for this type of theft.


How does PushOut-Check® Prevent this Theft?

Push-OutCheck® automates the visual monitoring process at every exit, freeing staff for more productive activity.

  • Push-OutCheck® uses Deep Learning AI Video analytics to remotely and permanently control any store entry or exit points
  • Staff receive automatic real time notifications of suspicious visitor movements, with or without shopping carts, baskets, boxes or bags
  • Push-OutCheck® can also be used to detect Walk-Throughs in the Self-Checkout zone when visitors walk past the checkouts without paying

How are Staff Alerted?

  • Fixed audible and visible real time alarms are customised to client needs
  • Instant incident alerts can be sent to store or security staff via any networked fixed or mobile device
  • All events are recorded for reporting, prosecution, training and comparative analysis