Retail success often depends on outstanding service and a seamless customer experience.

It also depends on efficient productivity and getting paid at the checkout.

iRetailCheck┬« improves Shrink Management and Productivity through continuous process monitoring at Staffed and Self-Checkouts to detect Non-Scans, Non-Payment, Push-Outs and Walk-Throughs. 

We can help you to improve processes that require constant vigilance and control using state of the art Cognitive Deep Learning AI Video Analysis experience gained from almost 20 years of solutions development in fields as diverse as Aerospace, Healthcare and Agriculture.

Our real world video analytics applications have saved clients tens of millions of Euros. Gains that have been made by automating more than 100 million live customer transactions at more than 800 checkouts to identify Suspicious Behaviour, Non-Scans and Non-Payments, “Forgotten” Unpaid items, Push-outs, Walk-Throughs and Sweet-hearting events.

Contact us today to find out how we can help improve your productivity and efficiency using the industry’s most powerful real time video analytics.