More than 70% of cashiers simply do not check shopping carts for unpaid goods.

As many as 20% of supermarket customers leave unpaid items in or under shopping carts as they pass the checkout.

The combined impact results in losses that are as high as 0,55% of store turnover.

CaddyCheck BoB detection automates the control of every shopping cart passing the checkout for items left inside or underneath the cart basket.

Checkout staff don’t have to remember to check every single cart since CaddyCheck alerts them to the need to act with an audible alarm and an image of the item(s) flashed on a screen, only when items are present.

Empty carts are ignored to improve staff productivity and compliance.

Key Benefits:

  • Significantly reduces losses from unpaid items at checkout
  • Increases Net Profit up to 19%
  • Automates control for any items left in and under carts
  • Monitors every cart passing the checkout
  • Improves Staff Productivity
  • Stand-alone system with no need for PoS integration
  • Detects carts passing closed or unstaffed checkouts
  • Robust, Accurate and Scalable