Field studies confirm that fewer than 30% of cashiers actually control shopping carts for unpaid goods as they pass the checkout.

Given that as many as 15% of store customers leave unpaid items in or under the shopping cart, the losses soon add up.

CaddyCheck® TopDown / Bottom of Basket (BoB) detection automatically monitors the contents of every shopping cart passing the checkout for items that are left inside or underneath the cart basket or on the bottom or rear tray.

Checkout staff are alerted to the presence of items on the cart by an audible alarm and an image of the item(s) flashed on a screen.

Empty carts are ignored to improve staff productivity and compliance.

CaddyCheck® TopDown

  • Controls every cart passing the checkout
  • Automates control for “forgotten” items left in or under the cart basket
  • Reduces Shrink
  • Improves Staff Productivity
  • Functions as a stand alone system without PoS terminal integration
  • Optional Alarm and Notification of Carts passing through closed checkout positions

CheckOut Backtray Basket Control Count