CaddyCheck® TopDown is a detection system that only warns your cashiers if an item is left behind in a shopping cart. Your checkout staff do not have to worry about any other shopping trolleys that do NOT contain any unpaid items.

The existing solutions (simple camera with screen, mirrors, etc.) no longer meet the requirements of today’s supermarket operator.

Cashiers don’t have enough time to check all the shopping carts. More than 70% of the shopping trolleys pass the checkout without a checkout, even though they see all the images of the shopping trolley continuously on a screen. Because it’s a routine job, their attention quickly fades away.

CaddyCheck® TopDown immediately gives a beep signal when an item is left behind in a shopping cart. The system shows the cashier a still image of the ‘forgotten’ product. The attention of the cashier is drawn to the problem and no more goods are left unpaid. Empty shopping trolleys do not appear on the screen and the cashier does not have to worry about that.

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