Why control shopping carts?

  • As many as 70% of checkout staff don’t check carts for unpaid goods as they pass the point of sale.
  • 11-15% of customers leave items in or under carts as they pass the checkout.
  • Losses caused can be up to 0,55% of turnover.

International studies and retailers estimate the losses caused by the combined staff oversight and customer “forgetfulness” at €2-€6k per checkout every year.

That’s a typical average of just under €13 a day for every staffed checkout. Worldwide, it adds up to almost €5.5 billion.

In response to a retailer request for a solution, we developed CaddyCheck®, an AI driven innovation that stops losses in carts in their tracks.

CaddyCheck uses Cognitive Deep Learning AI Video Analytics to detect items left in or under shopping carts as they pass through staffed checkouts.

Already stalled in over 150 supermarkets (over 800 checkouts), more than 160M customer transactions have been analysed, recovering over €70M in sales for clients.

CaddyCheck® Benefits

  • Unlike staff, CaddyCheck® automatically monitors every shopping cart passing through the checkout in real time for “forgotten” purchases left in or under the cart.
  • When items are present, an audible alarm and a pop-up image on screen act as a call to action by the cashier to check the cart contents before customer payment, avoiding any potential conflict.
  • Empty carts are ignored to improve checkout productivity. Detects carts and or people passing through closed checkouts.
  • Discreet and user friendly.
  • Multiple AI algorithms deliver detection rates of >95% that ensure the practical totality of items left on or under the cart are detected
  • Especially useful for those “low risk” unsecured items such beer, milk, water, soft drinks, diapers etc. in individual or bulk packaging.
  • Applicable to multiple cart formats of any material, as well as baskets, roller baskets and strollers.
  • Can be installed as an independent stand alone solution without the need for IT integration in the Point of Sale terminal.

CaddyCheck® ROI is typically less than 12 months.

Why use CaddyCheck?

Even before COVID-19, most cashiers simply didn’t check shopping cart contents for unpaid items. Since then, social distancing and physical barriers have only made matters worse.

Customers and staff at the checkout are frequently pressured for time. This can lead to genuine oversight and forgetfulness, as well as aiding deliberate theft. Whatever the reason, with average unpaid cart contents are estimated at €13, the losses can soon add up when items are left unpaid.

Bottom of Basket, or “BoB” theft, is, by its very nature one of the simplest and lowest risk form of shoplifting. If detected, the customer often excuses themselves for “forgetting” about the 24 pack(s) of beer, or multi-pack of 2 litre soft drinks… Many of these items, especially multi-pack presentations, are invisible to EAS systems since they’re usually not tagged or secured electronically.

Unlike shoplifting, BOB theft is almost never prosecuted.

CaddyCheck® is the ideal solution to recover these otherwise lost sales. The cashier is notified by a buzzer and an image on screen before the customer makes payment. This prompts staff to give a simple reminder to the customer about their “forgotten” items in or under the cart.

Problems with PushOuts as thieves take carts full of goods through store Entrances or Closed Checkouts?

  • A typical PushOut is valued at between €800-€1500
  • As many as 1 in 3 PushOut events go undetected
  • Even worse, up to 10% of Push-Outs end in violence during goods recovery outside the store
  • PushOut-Check automatically detects PushOut attempts before they leave the store

PushOut-Check®  is a complimentary solution to CaddyCheck® that automatically monitors all unauthorised exits 24/7 for visitors leaving with or without shopping carts, baskets or bags.

Staff are notified of incidents in real time before potential thieves leave the store.

Alerts can trigger any form of visual or audible alarm as well as notifications on any